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Open House


Having a feeling of space is a great way to turn a kitchen into an area where you want to spend lots of time.

If you can also create a feeling that it joins the house to the garden and your outside patio areas then it will become an even greater focal point.

This project involved creating an open style kitchen to reflect the new extended provided by a kitchen extension, with roof light windows and large bi-fold doors out on to the open patio area.

We designed the porcelain flooring to extend from the kitchen to the outside patio area with the same floor tiles to create a larger expanse of floor area when the bi fold doors were open.

A large island was positioned to gain as much light as possible from the roof light windows as this was where the high-use elements of the kitchen, such as the sink and the dishwasher were fitted and to enhance its use for every day dining and breakfast.

The opportunity to also add a large wine cooler within the island furniture gave an added bonus to the separate dining area.

Within the main kitchen wall we installed a collection of tall housing units to accommodate the cooking appliances and fridge and freezer, and a separate work area adjacent to the island gives space for all their cooking priorities.

A second wall section houses the large format induction hob with large linear drawers below. We also designed the linear look wall units above the drawer units to create further feeling of space.


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