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In The Frame


This client was referred to us as they had been looking at and were very interested in having an In-frame Shaker style kitchen but were unsure which company could help provide this range and design their dream kitchen.

We provide a large range of In-frame styles, where the doors fir inside the frame of the unit, and have many Shaker style options but we introduced them to our Edwardian range, which they loved.

This range looks like a true In-frame door but actually has the frame intact; therefore the door comes as a whole with no separate frame. This option looks just as effective and is also fairly priced in comparison to having a true In-framed kitchen, meaning that we could meet the client’s needs in regards to their budget.

The colour of the furniture was very important as the client wanted to make sure that it worked well against the rest of the interior and the feature wall.

They decided to go with the colour Anthracite with Lissa Oak carcases and a light coloured stone work surface which complimented the Anthracite doors.

The large range cooker was positioned centrally on the back wall, with the sink area underneath the window, allowing enough space for a small island to seat three.

The Edwardian Anthracite furniture was also carried through into the utility area to create the same look as that in the kitchen area.


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