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Dreaming Big

Updated: Jun 20, 2019


When you are expanding your home it is vital that you get a kitchen and dining area which fits in with your plans and makes the investment worthwhile.

This particular client had a big extension done in order to accommodate a brand new kitchen and dining space.

They did not want to just stick to one bold colour on the furniture throughout, preferring two different colours.

We introduced two different finishes which complement each other really well.

These were both from our German handleless range: Zerox HG-Kashmir Gloss and Leaf KQ-Pebble Oak.

The main colour used throughout the kitchen was the Kashmir gloss, introducing the Pebble Oak on the panels and around the American-style fridge freezer.

The worktops are quartz 20mm Luna Stone Bianco Ice.

The client also chose to have the Neff ovens with the slide and hide option to make cooking as quick and easy as possible.

The island was designed to suit more storage as well as a space for the wine cooler, recycling bins, seating on the back and space for a pop up socket.


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