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Caple Sinks and Taps


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The Cameo guide to Caple Sinks and Taps

Who says washing up isn’t glamorous?

Caple certainly don’t, and Caple make sure their sinks and taps are beautiful as well as useful.

Your sink can make a real design statement, with a choice of materials ranging from classic ceramic to durable and hard wearing granite.
​And today’s taps can be as high-tech as you like: choose from a water-filter or steaming hot water designs.

You’ll be fighting over who actually does the dishes...

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen - so let’s give it the quality and creativity it deserves.

Caple was established in Bristol in 1995, which means they have been helping you cook, cool and clean for over two decades.

Caple aims to design, make and sell quality sinks, taps and appliances at prices that won’t make you wince.
And we think you’ll agree Caple kept to their original mission:

the Caple brand is now well-known for being innovative, reliable, and superb value for money.


Stainless Steel Sinks

The classic modern sink, stainless steel is a popular choice that looks great in every style of kitchen. The sink of choice for the professional chef, it’s practical and durable (and pleasingly shiny). We have a lot of variations in the stainless steel selection: single bowl, multiple bowl, drainer, round, small, deep, pro-kitchen style… Think about how you’ll be using your sink, then choose a model that suits your lifestyle.

Ceramic Sinks

A much-loved kitchen icon, the ceramic sink could be straight from Grandma’s house or a period drama. However, the simple elegance of the classic ceramic sink also looks fantastic in a modern setting. If you like the traditional farmhouse look, choose a Belfast sink, deep enough for washing stock pots or bathing babies (a less common use in today’s kitchens…). Alternatively go for a neat modern style with an integral drainer.

Granite Sinks


One of nature’s most robust materials, granite is a superb choice for a robust and much-used sink. It’s also subtly beautiful, with delicate patterning in the stone. Choose from a range of styles and sizes to suit your kitchen, and search out contrasting stainless steel accessories which look superb against the stone. The granite sinks come in a range of natural shades from dramatic dark tones to striking chalk white.

3 In 1 Hot Water Taps

Fancy a cup of tea? It’ll be ready in seconds. Caples stylish steaming water taps provide 2.4 litres of almost-boiled water ready for instant use. The water temperature reaches up to 98% - perfect for speeding up the rice and pasta, or making a quick drink. The taps also deliver the usual hot and cold water, so you don’t need to have a separate standard tap, and are fitted with child-safety features.


Puriti Tap Water Filters

Imagine fresh, filtered water straight from the tap… With a Puriti filter, the cold water supply is directed through a series of filters including activated carbon. The filtered water tastes delicious, free from impurities and with a balanced pH. The Puriti filter is installed under the sink - discreet, and easy to change (although as it filters up to 6000 litres, you won’t have to do this too often).

Pull Out Taps

The powerful spray of pull-out taps makes rinsing and washing so much easier - it’s no wonder that most professional kitchens use them. The long, flexible hose lets you move the tap freely around the sink to hose down stubborn items – then it slips back neatly into the base, and voila, it’s a stylish, normal tap again. A great choice for the serious chef (and those who generate a lot of washing up…)

Dual Lever Taps

The elongated, elegant tall tap with its swan-like curve really is a design classic. It’s no wonder that the style has stood the test of time, and many people still choose it over the single-control option. We have modern takes on the traditional dual lever design, with simple clean lines and minimalist controls, as well as the classic Victorian style with more elaborate details. Choose from gleaming or brushed stainless steel finishes.

Single Lever Taps

Caples single lever kitchen taps look sleek and are super-easy to use. It’s a versatile design, which can be ultra-modern and streamlined for a contemporary kitchen, or curved in an elegant arch above a traditional Belfast sink. We have a superb selection of single control kitchen taps in a variety of heights, with a range of brushed or polished stainless steel finishes.

Choosing your Caple sinks and taps

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