Hotspot Titanium

Boiling Hot Water Tap


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HotSpot Titanium. The coolest spot in the kitchen!


The kitchen is often the central spot in your home where everyone congregates. It’s the spot where you eat together, where you discuss the day and where everyone constantly walks in and out. More and more people are looking for ease, pleasure and quality in the kitchen. The HotSpot Titanium is the foremost boiling water tap for luxury and ease in the kitchen.


The HotSpot Titanium is a beautiful, safe and durable boiling water tap with a titanium water heater. The 3-in-1 boiling water tap of HotSpot Titanium switches easily between cold, hot and boiling water. And the HotSpot Titanium also offers three beautiful individual taps that have already won various design awards.


Did you know that the HotSpot Titanium is the very first tap with a water heater made of titanium? As a result, you always have access to pure water. Titanium is also extremely strong and easy to maintain. You can use it for years before you have to think about corrosion. You will also find barely any calcification.


All HotSpot Titanium boiling water taps are fitted with the patented safety system: Intelliprotect. That makes the tap the safest boiling water tap available. Intelliprotect has also twice been recognised as a Good Industrial Design (GIO).


The HotSpot Titanium is an innovation by Inventum, a Dutch quality company with more than 100 years of experience in the development and production of high-quality hot water and ventilation systems. All products are produced in-house so that Inventum can always guarantee the quality from the beginning to the end of the process.