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The Cameo guide to Franke Sinks, taps and accessories

Cameo Kitchens has been a Franke dealer for over 20 years and we are proud to have been appointed a Franke Approved Internet Partner, a very select band of trained specialists offering key Franke products on, or offline, many featured in our stunning showrooms on the Essex Herts Border.

Franke was founded in Switzerland in 1911 and has become the world’s largest manufacturer of kitchen sinks. So good are the products that the entire range of Franke sinks come with a 50 year guarantee. Available in solid Stainless Steel or Fragranite, an amazing sanitized material that reduces bacteria and microbe growth by 99%, quality and performance are paramount.

We offer a fabulous selection of Franke inset sinks including Maris, Ascona, Basis, Elba, Erica and Galassia. A superb range of undermounted sinks is also available in Stainless Steel such as the Ariane range, or the Sirius range available in Tectonite, a heat resistant, stain resistant impact resistant surface perfect for undermounted sinks in a range of modern colours.

Franke taps are also available in many beautiful designs from the more traditional to modern contemporary styles, all of which will complement the vast range of sinks available. Many of the taps are available in chrome or silk steel, some with a spray facility like the SwingSpray and some with a built in water filter such as the Zurich Filterflow bringing the convenience of filtered drinking water and no more need for plastic bottles cluttering up the fridge!

The Franke range of inset sinks, undermount, ceramic or fragranite give you a fantastic selection from which to choose. Kitchen sinks are no longer simply a functional item but an eye-catching feature of the kitchen so the meticulous care that goes into the design and styling of Franke sinks and taps makes them a beautiful part of a busy kitchen. Franke sinks are available in many sizes and durable materials, different shapes and finishes allowing you to create the look you want to complement your kitchen furniture and worktops.

Why Franke?
Franke are probably the biggest sink manufacturer in the world and are certainly one of the best! In the manufacture of their stainless steel inset and undermount sinks, Franke use premium quality chrome nickel steel which is not only beautiful but very resistant to scratching or staining. The composite fragranite sinks are exceptionally smooth and easy to clean – just a couple of the many reasons people choose Franke. The quality of their products together with the design and choice available means you can easily achieve the look you desire.

The Cameo price advantage
Don’t forget our fantastic discount offer – the more products you buy, the more we are able to discount. Just give us a call and watch the discounts grow! This offer applies to all of our products so adding a hob from another brand will reduce the price of your Franke sink and tap!

Our Conclusion
Franke use the best quality steel and materials across the range so we know you can trust this product. The taps are elegant and sleek, modern or contemporary in design giving you a vast choice. There are also many accessories available to complement the sinks and taps available. Why not add a strainer bowl, a chopping board or a Rollamat to protect your draining surface and complete the look.

The Cameo Video Player - Franke Product Features
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