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The AEG product range
Ovensfrom £366.00
Hobsfrom £239.00
Hoodsfrom £165.00
Coffee Machinesfrom £1,298.00
Warming Drawersfrom £348.00
Fridgesfrom £329.99
Freezersfrom £395.00
Fridge Freezersfrom £528.00
Wine Coolersfrom £745.00
Dishwashersfrom £438.00
Washing Machinesfrom £475.00
Dryersfrom £334.00
Cookersfrom £742.00
Range Cookersfrom £1,607.00
Boiling Water Tapsfrom £951.00

The Cameo guide to AEG appliances

Cameo is proud to sell AEG built in appliances. Our staff have been trained by AEG so we understand the whole product range from the MaxiSense induction hobs, the Digital Auto Cook facility in the built in ovens to the large capacity integrated fridges with partner freezers and we can advise you on making the correct choice.
We were awarded the status of being Premier Partners of AEG which means we have the backing and support of the manufacturer ensuring we can give the best possible service to our customers.

The range of built in ovens will give you outstanding performance coupled with stylish design. They use the very latest technology offering you the advanced sensor system which can detect the volume of food and will automatically select the time period required for optimum results - saving you the time and trouble. All built in ovens are available in anti fingerprint stainless steel finish ensuring your kitchen will always look pristine. The top of the range single oven also has a steam function ensuring your roast chicken will be deliciously moist - don't overlook steam ovens, this is the most innovative and health cooking option you can choose.

AEG induction hobs have the latest technology offering the Maxi-sense range which provides the optimum cooking surface by utilising flexible section technology.

A fabulous range of hobs, hoods and microwaves, will also provide a fantastic choice for everything you need for your kitchen in the knowledge that you have bought one of the most stylish products available on the market. Built in fridges and freezers are amongst our best sellers as our customers know they are buying a good quality product coupled with the latest technology. The range of dishwashers have superb functionality and extremely low noise levels. AEG built in washing machines are also available to complete your kitchen. Full specifications can be found on the individual product pages.

Why AEG?
The company was founded over 100 years ago and the basis of their philosophy has always been perfection in form and function. We, at Cameo Kitchens believe AEG continue to fulfil these principles today as can be seen from the full range of complementary built in products. They are constantly updating their range in order to deliver the latest technology with maximum efficiency. Some of the latest products are A-50% rated. That is 50% better than A class efficiency!

The Cameo price advantage
Don’t forget our fantastic discount offer – the more appliances you buy, the more we are able to discount. Just add products to your basket and watch the discounts grow!

Our Conclusion
AEG appliances offer outstanding performance and reliability with superb design features. Pay particular attention to their steam ovens, pyrolytic self cleaning ovens and induction hobs. The latest designs offer the very latest technology whilst maintaining style and reliability, and all with a 2 year parts and labour warranty.

The Cameo Video Player - AEG Product Features
• AutoSense
• Boiling Water Tap
• Bridge function
• Dishwasher Performance
• Food Probe
• Heat Pump
• Hob2Hood
• Hob2Hood 2
• Hob2Hood 3
• Hob2Hood Ceiling
• How to install a built under freezer
• How to install a built under fridge
• How to install a door on door fridge
• How to install a door on door fridge freezer
• How to install a Warming Drawer
• How to install Built-in Coffee Machine
• Induction
• Induction 2
• Inverter Motor
• MaxiKlasse
• MaxiKlasse Oven
• MaxiSense Bridge Function
• MaxiSense Induction
• MaxiSense PowerSlide
• MaxiSense ProFry Sensor
• OptiFix Hob Installation
• Oven Ventilation
• PerfectFit Dishwasher Hinges
• PlusSteam
• PlusSteam 1
• PlusSteam 2
• PlusSteam 3
• Poaching v Steam
• ProClean Dishwasher
• ProCombi Plus
• ProCombi Smart Oven
• ProCombi Steam Oven
• ProCombi Steam Oven 2
• ProCombi Steam Oven 3
• ProCombi Steam Oven 4
• ProCombi Steam Test
• Prosteam Dryer
• PyroLuxe Plus
• SousVide Oven
• SousVide Oven 2
• SousVide Oven Test
• SousVide Oven Test 2
• Steam and induction cooking
• SteamBake 1
• SteamBake 2
• SteamBake 3
• SteamBake 4
• Steam Oven Settings
• Taking Taste Further Manifesto
• The Benefits of Induction Cooking
• The Benefits of Steam Cooking
• Thermic Air System
• VarioGuide
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