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Freestanding, Built In or Built Under?

Built In appliances are so called because whilst they can go underneath a counter, they can also be eye-level mounted in a tall unit. Built Under appliances are designed to the same height as a standard base unit and are solely designed to go under a counter.

There is often confusion about the terms Freestanding, Built In and Built Under.

Freestanding models require free air space all around and should not be fitted below a work-surface. These models do not have a plinth recess at the bottom to align with your furniture.

Built Under models are designed to be Built Under a work surface at floor level and between units. Many models have an adjustable plinth at the bottom to ensure alignment with your kitchen furniture. These incorporate appropriate ventilation systems for this type of installation.   

Built in models are designed to be built into a tall housing at eye level. These incorporate appropriate ventilation systems for this type of installation.

The most important things to remember are:
An eye level wine cooler cannot be fitted under your worktop.
A Built Under wine cooler cannot be fitted at eye level (and does not require a housing unit).

Each type of installation is shown here.

Wine Coolers

   Wine coolers are essentially fridges with a glass door and they are designed to store wine at the desired temperature.

Dual zone models (usually 600mm wide) will store red and white wine at different temperatures.

They are normally installed under a worktop or Built Under. The door usually has a steel or aluminium frame and these machines are not designed to take a matching furniture door.

If the machine is to be fitted in a tall housing please ensure adequate ventilation is provided as per the relevant installation diagram.

Many people use these machines for beer and soft drinks as well as wine storage.

Do I need to Vent my Appliance?

   It is vital that Built In wine coolers are correctly installed and ventilated.

Here is an example showing the ventilation requirements for a Built In model.

If the furniture is being fitted to the ceiling (i.e. with ceiling scribes – a panel above the units), then extra care will need to be taken. A vent in the ceiling scribe AND the plinth will be necessary to allow for the correct air-flow.

Built Under models will vent through the plinth.

Freestanding models vent at the rear and must not be boxed in.

Please ask if you are unsure about any of the points mentioned above.
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Avoid common ordering and installation errors....

  • Check the dimensions and capacity of bottles required.
  • Make sure you know the difference between Built Under and Built In.
  • Correct ventilation is vital.
  • Carefully check dimensions as some models are non-standard.
  • Our wine coolers are intended for domestic use only otherwise the warranty will be invalid.

Energy Efficiency

   Cameo Kitchens will display energy efficiency ratings whenever one is available.
The majority of Built In appliances have energy efficiency ratings. The only ones that do not are: hobs, hoods, steam ovens and microwaves. The ratings are in alphabetical form. The best is A (sometimes even AAA+) and the poorest is G. Double ovens will have two ratings, one for the top oven and one for the bottom oven. Of late some manufacturers have taken to expressing efficiency as a percentage better than A. For example A-30 is 30% more efficient than A and usually equal to A+++.
Please call our helpline for the latest information and energy efficient models.
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