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All waste disposal units are generally very similar with the exception of the control mechanisms.

There is a choice of horsepower from model to model with the more powerful models being able to handle tougher challenges. These models are usually larger partly because they have greater insulation to ensure they are not too noisy.

Continuous Feed Waste Disposal Units


Models described as continuous feed are controlled by a switch on the wall, and are switched off the same way when you have finished pushing waste into the machine.
   An air switch is included with, or can be added to, continuous feed units. This is a simple push button set into your worktop to safely activate the unit without the direct use of an electrical switch.
View continuous feed waste disposal units

Batch Feed Waste Disposal Units

   Models described as batch feed are activated by putting the plug in place and turning it after feeding a batch of waste into the unit.
View batch feed waste disposal units

A waste disposal unit can be a great addition to your kitchen. It is very important that the installation is carried out by a qualified plumber and electrician.

Avoid common ordering and installation errors....

  • Ensure your sink base unit is large enough to house your waste disposal unit as it will often add to the width required.
  • Always run plenty of water through the unit after use to prevent blockages.
  • Avoid putting stringy items such as flower stems into the unit as this will block the mechanism.
  • Ensure there is sufficient fall on the waste pipe to prevent blockages.
  • Use larger waste pipework on longer runs to prevent blockages.
  • Pouring hot fat into a waste disposal unit is to be avoided as it will congeal as soon as it meets cold water and can block your pipework.
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