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Built in Washer Dryers

These appliances are designed to both wash and dry in the same machine. These machines are often described as good washers but not so good dryers. The water from both cycles is taken out via the drain hose so there is no need for ducting. These machines are ideal for use where space is a premium and a separate washer and dryer cannot be accommodated.

As these machines perform two functions, the drying load is often around half that of the wash load so either smaller loads are washed and dried or the drying is carried out in two separate loads. These machines can also take longer than a standard washer.

There are various spin speeds offered. They range from a 1000rpm spin up to a 1600rpm spin, with the latter considered to be better as these machines are given an "A" drying class rating or better.

Load capacities are increasing all the time, large capacity machines can be a real time saver for a busy family.

To get the best possible energy rating modern washer dryers have been designed to use a cold water feed only. This means that they heat water as it is needed, rather than using hot water from the domestic supply.

On Integrated models the furniture door can normally be hung on both sides, but in most cases the drum door opens to the left only.

Freestanding, Fully Integrated or Semi Integrated?

   Tumble Dryers and Washer Dryers are nearly always Fully Integrated, although there are a few Semi Integrated models available. Fully Integrated is the term used to describe an appliance that is completely covered by a furniture door when installed.

   Semi Integrated means that there will be a control panel visible above the furniture door.
Freestanding products are far less complicated as they simply stand in a space in your kitchen. Whilst much of the advice on this page relates to Built-In and Integrated products much of the information should prove to be useful.

Avoid common ordering and installation errors....

  • Ensure you have sufficient worktop depth for the machine and your furniture door if using an Integrated machine
  • Ensure the floor is sound and level to avoid vibration.
  • Do you need a Built In or a Freestanding machine?
  • Remember a wash and dry will take longer than just a wash
  • On installation always read the installation manual and remove the transit bolts before use otherwise the machine will be damaged.
  • Pay special attention to the height of the appliance if you are installing this below a work-surface

Energy Efficiency

   Cameo Kitchens will display energy efficiency ratings whenever one is available.
The majority of Built In appliances have energy efficiency ratings. The only ones that do not are: hobs, hoods, steam ovens and microwaves. The ratings are in alphabetical form. The best is A (sometimes even AAA+) and the poorest is G. Double ovens will have two ratings, one for the top oven and one for the bottom oven. Of late some manufacturers have taken to expressing efficiency as a percentage better than A. For example A-30 is 30% more efficient than A and usually equal to A+++.
Please call our helpline for the latest information and energy efficient models.
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