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Freestanding, Fully Integrated or Semi Integrated?

A dishwasher can be any of the above.
Fully Integrated is the term used to describe an appliance that is completely covered by a furniture door when installed.
Semi Integrated means that there will be a control panel visible above the furniture door.
Freestanding products are far less complicated as they simply stand in a space in your kitchen.
In addition to Freestanding models there are six types of Built In dishwasher.
  • Fully Integrated 600mm wide
  • Fully Integrated 450mm wide
  • Semi Integrated 600mm wide
  • Compact 600mm wide
  • In-column
  • Dish Drawer
There are two widths available. 450mm (eight or nine place settings) and 600mm (12 or 14 place settings).

Fully Integrated

   This is, by far, the most popular type of Built In dishwasher.
Once installed, this machine is virtually undetectable. A full height furniture door (approx. 715mm high) is fitted to the front of the appliance and covers it completely.
The controls for this type of machine are on the top edge of the dishwasher door. The machine is switched on first, the type of programme and temperature is selected and the machine starts seconds after the door is clicked shut (unless a delayed start has been set).
There are various models available, and most manufacturers offer a choice of two or more. The main difference between these models will be the amount and type of programmes offered and the choice of wash temperatures.
There are two heights of fully integrated dishwasher.
The standard height machine is normally adjustable to suit a height (from floor to underside of worktop) of between 810-870mm.
The alternative size machine adjusts between 860-920mm. These taller dishwashers do not fit all kitchens but do offer a larger capacity, which could be 14 place settings, rather than the normal 12. Some manufacturers may also state in their literature that bigger plates can be accommodated.

Both 450mm (eight or nine place setting) and 600mm sizes are available in the Fully Integrated option.

View our range of Fully Integrated dishwashers

Semi Integrated

   This type of dishwasher has a visible control panel, which is very similar in size to a standard drawer front. The door is fitted below this panel and is normally between 560 - 600mm high.
The control panels are available in different finishes. Depending on the manufacturer, there may be a choice of steel, white, black, and aluminium etc.
Most Semi Integrated machines come with filler strips or the actual control panel will be adjustable in size, so that various heights of door can be accommodated. This also helps line up the bottom of the furniture door with the adjacent units.
Please check the door sizes of your furniture to ensure the dishwasher and door is compatible.

View our range of Semi Integrated dishwashers


   A compact dishwasher would typically have a capacity of 4/5 place settings.
Built In models are often designed to fit with other compact models and warming drawers in a bank of appliances. As with other types of dishwasher Freestanding models are also available.
View our range of compact dishwashers


   In Column dishwashers do not stand on the floor. These dishwashers are Built In to a tall or mid height housing unit, which does mean that they are slightly smaller in width. As they are installed at a higher level than normal they are much easier to load.
Caution: This design must be installed at a higher level to allow the waste water to drain properly. They cannot be installed at floor level.

Dish drawer

   Unusual to say the least - basically, these models are a dishwasher inside a drawer!
Available in a single or double version, these are totally different in design to anything mentioned above. The Dish Drawer fits into a standard 600mm wide space and the double version adjusts from 820-880mm in height. The single version is installed in a similar way to a Built Under oven. This version fits to the underside of the worktop but as it is only approximately 410mm in height, it needs to be fitted onto a specially adapted base unit (see below).

Cutlery Holders

   Traditionally a basket for cutlery was located within the bottom basket of the dishwasher. Whilst this option remains very popular a recent innovation is the addition of a third pull out section located at the top of the dishwasher expressly designed to hold cutlery. This gives the best cutlery cleaning option and allows better use of the space taken up by the other two baskets.

Avoid common ordering and installation errors ......

  • Dishwashers will not fit flush with the units if there is pipework behind it. A deeper worktop would be required if this is the case, usually 650mm.
  • A lower decibel rating on a machine means it is quieter. Whilst no dishwasher is silent, 42dB is exceptionally quiet and 50dB would obviously be louder.
  • Before fitting the furniture door to an Integrated dishwasher the door will not stay open. The appliance door is sprung to allow for the weight of the furniture door.
  • Dishwashers with a larger capacity are taller and will not fit into all kitchens, particularly those with low plinth heights below base units.
  • Dishwashers usually only need a cold water feed.
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Noise Levels

   In today’s often open kitchens, quiet appliances can be essential. This guide will help you understand the decibel (dB) measurements listed with relevant products such as dishwashers, refrigeration and hoods.

Energy Efficiency

   Cameo Kitchens will display energy efficiency ratings whenever one is available.
The majority of Built In appliances have energy efficiency ratings. The only ones that do not are: hobs, hoods, steam ovens and microwaves. The ratings are in alphabetical form. The best is A (sometimes even AAA+) and the poorest is G. Double ovens will have two ratings, one for the top oven and one for the bottom oven. Of late some manufacturers have taken to expressing efficiency as a percentage better than A. For example A-30 is 30% more efficient than A and usually equal to A+++.
Please call our helpline for the latest information and energy efficient models.
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