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Cameo aims to make your shopping experience the best, and most competitive that you will find anywhere in the fitted kitchen and appliance marketplace.

To achieve this, we offer a range of kitchens, appliances and accessories designed to offer quality, reliability and exceptional value for money. We can also ensure prompt delivery wherever possible to your chosen destination.

In some cases, we will not have the pleasure of meeting our customers face to face allowing us the opportunity to discuss with them the best appliances to suit their needs and delivery requirements. The purpose of this Customer Charter is, therefore, to briefly take our distance sale customers through the things which will happen after they have placed your order with us, and why.

We will do our utmost to get your order delivered to where you want it as quickly as possible.
Delivery times are between 3 and 10 working days dependant on the product you order. For example smaller items such as sinks have an estimated delivery between 3 and 5 working days whist the estimated delivery for larger appliances is 5 to 7 working days. Deliveries to Scotland can sometimes take a little longer and some products can take up to 10 working days. Your delivery time will be confirmed in advance. If we become aware of stock difficulties which will affect delivery timescales, we will let you know.

Please note, however, that many kitchen appliances are particularly large and bulky. It may not be possible or practical to deliver them to some locations (e.g. upper floors with inadequate lifts - or no lifts at all). This is why we ask you to discuss with us any requirements for delivery to other than the ground floor with unrestricted access before placing an order.

It is important to us that you will be completely satisfied with your order when it arrives so we ask you to inspect all appliances delivered immediately upon arrival, just in case any damage has been caused in transit or there is some other reason why you are not entirely happy with them. The manufacturers are perfectly willing to take back and replace damaged or defective goods, but are understandably less willing to do so where there has been a delay between delivery and inspection. So it is very much in your interest to ensure that appliances do not just sit around in boxes after they have arrived. If you are not ready to take delivery (e.g. you may be away on holiday... or the premises to which the appliances are to be delivered is new and has not yet been handed over by the builders), please let us know when delivery will be convenient so that we can give you the best opportunity to inspect them upon arrival.

Our guideline time within which we would expect you to have inspected all goods is 48 hours after delivery. Only in very exceptional circumstances would we consider a longer period to be reasonable to justify allowing the return of goods where damage could have been discovered upon inspection and, just so that we can be clear about it, this does not include where appliances have been installed by you or your fitters (unless there is some hidden defect which could not possibly have been discovered on inspection).

Experience tells us that it is very important that you do not try to anticipate delivery before it happens. Please wait until you have taken delivery before you book your fitters. We strongly recommend you wait until all units have arrived before committing yourselves to installers. You will either be disappointed, or find yourself having to pay the costs of your fitters wasted time. We do believe we can secure good delivery dates for you but sometimes, events can occur that may cause delays, over which we have no control. This may mean an estimated arrival date cannot be met. For full details, please see our Delivery Policy.

Cancellation and Returns
We have every confidence that once you have placed your order with us and the appliances have arrived, you will be delighted with your purchase. As we said at the beginning, however, buying goods at a distance can sometimes be less easy than in person, where you can actually see samples of the appliances in front of you. For that reason, you always have the right to change your mind and return any appliance to us for a full refund (including any original delivery charge)
providing the appliance has not been installed. However, you must inform us within 30 working days of delivery... another very good reason for inspecting all appliances upon receipt. Goods must also be returned in their original packing.

If you decide to return the products and you would like us to collect them there will be a collection charge that we will advise in advance. If the goods are not in their original packaging the will also be a repackaging charge. For full details please read
our Cancellation and Returns Policy.

We will, of course, be very happy to discuss any problem with you before you make the final decision to return an appliance... whether there is a defect or whether you have simply changed your mind... in the hope that we can resolve the problem without the need for returning the appliance. But if that is not possible, we shall be very happy to discuss with you the supply of a replacement.

As with the actions to take on delivery we would, for the same reason, ask that you do not delay more than the time stated above to exercise the right to change your mind. Also, of course, you should not install, use or damage any appliance before deciding to return it. For full details please read our Cancellation and Returns Policy.

You may also cancel your order and return products by giving due notice* after the thirtieth working day where they are found to be defective or damaged and such defect or damage could not have been detected upon inspection. In this case it is important that we must be given the opportunity to rectify or replace (at our expense) any defective or damaged parts. In the case where products have been returned because they are defective or damaged, we shall meet the normal costs of returning the products. * due notice: by hand or by post to the companys address, by fax or by email via contact us ** working day: i.e not including a Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday.

We regard your right to privacy and to be in control of your personal information as very important. We realise that when you provide us with the information necessary to enable us to process your order and deliver goods to your home, this is a matter of trust.

We will respect that trust fully and our Privacy Policy sets out very clearly what we will and will not do with your personal information. Quite apart from that, you can of course at any time instruct us to remove your information from our database, which we promise to do (except only where we need to retain sufficient details to enable us to recover from you any payment which may still be due to us). For full details please read our Privacy Policy.

We take security on our website very seriously. The latest technology secure servers and encryption technology are used to protect your payment details. We work hand in hand with "Thawte", the leaders in this field. to protect your data. For full details please read our Security Policy.

And finally...
Last, but certainly not least, we have a highly trained, professional and courteous customer services department available during office hours to help you with any query you may have about anything contained in this Customer Charter... or more generally about us and what more we can offer in making your shopping experience at Cameo the best there is... If you
contact us via email from Monday to Friday we will respond within 4 hours.

Please note: This is a general guide to the main aspects of our dealings with you. For the full legal terms, please refer to our Terms and Conditions and also to the policies referred to in the text above.

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