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Built In coffee machines are designed to be installed within a full depth tall housing similar to a tall oven housing.
However, you will need to add an accessory or warming drawer if you wish to match the height side by side with a full size single oven.

Whilst Built In coffee machines will generally handle either fresh beans or powder, coffee made from beans is usually vastly superior in flavour. A variety of strengths will be available to suit your taste with most machines offering a cappuccino milk frothing option too. Most will also allow you to store your favourite coffee options and will also be able to make two cups at the same time.

Many machines will also allow you to make coffee in a variety of cup sizes from small espresso cups to large mugs.

Temperature is controlled precisely in order to ensure that perfect coffee is delivered time after time.

Telescopic runners usually allow the machine to slide forward to give access to beans (or powder) that are stored within the machine. Most coffee machines have a water tank that needs to be refilled.

Avoid common ordering and installation errors....

  • Ensure you have an appropriate housing, this will normally need to be 550mm deep.
  • These machines can often use different types of coffee such as fresh beans, ground and Netspresso. Check the machine you have chosen has the right options for you.
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Cleaning Appliances

We are often asked questions about keeping appliances clean. The most popular question being, How do I stop fingerprints appearing on stainless steel?.
The short answer is You can't!. That said many manufacturers use anti fingerprint stainless steel so it is far less of an issue than it was.
If baby oil on a soft cloth is used to clean the front of the oven, this will keep them at bay, but will not stop them completely. Another useful aid to cleaning is the E-Cloth. This is a cloth that manufacturers recommend to use on the exterior of ovens etc., particularly stainless steel. These cloths are similar to a face flannel, and are best used slightly damp. Some manufacturers have tried to solve the problem by using a clear lacquer, which coats the steel and protects it from our greasy fingers. This does seem to be effective.
Generally, appliances that are offered in a colour are easier to clean. Often the surfaces are glass and colour is sprayed on the back. However there are still a large number of appliances that have an enamel finish, e.g. hobs and cooker hoods. These are relatively easy to clean, but enamel/painted finishes can chip.
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