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Cameo Kitchens has been a kitchen and appliance specialist for more than 30 years. We offer brands that we believe in from established manufacturers that we know and trust.
The best quality, competitively priced appliances, with the in-house expertise to ensure you make the right choice.
Our carefully-chosen portfolio of manufacturers ensures that you buy appliances that offer style, functionality, superb design and reliability.

Quality solutions for your dream kitchen, with appliances at the forefront of technology and design.
One of the best known sink and tap brands in the world offering a huge range – Blanco has been striving to be the best since being founded in Germany in 1925.
An exclusive range of products offering exceptional value for money.
Offers a wide variety without compromising on style or functionality, ranging from entry level to top-of-the-range appliances.
The range cooker to buy; beautiful, solid, dependable and with lovely matching hoods.
French quality and style at the forefront of cooking innovation.
Top of the range built in and freestanding products featuring cutting edge cooking technology much used by professional chefs.
The market leader when it comes to kitchen sinks and taps, with superb designs that make this part of your kitchen a talking point for all the right reasons.
Part of our Special Promotions range we are proud to offer some special exclusive products from the LG range.
An industry leader offering high quality appliances with a fantastic range of ovens that cook like no other.
Very high quality, innovative products and stunning design. Appliances don't get much better than this.
Part of our Special Promotions range we have a hand picked selection of exclusive products from the Samsung range.
Part of our Special Promotions range we offer a selection handpicked Smeg products.
The market leader when it comes to kitchen sinks and taps, with superb designs that make this part of your kitchen a talking point for all the right reasons.

Why Cameo?
We will offer you top quality, competitively priced built-in kitchen appliances with a superb service from our fully trained and experienced staff. Just call us for free, expert advice.

The Cameo Price Advantage
Our fantastic discount offer - the more appliances you buy, the more we are able to discount. Just add products to your basket and watch the discounts grow!

The Cameo Way
At Cameo Kitchens we focus only on the best brands in the UK offering our customers very competitive prices without compromising on quality or service.

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